Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Trail Improvements in Taylor County

I was able to spend only a day with the trail crews, but from what I saw and heard I'd say the Ice Age Trail's Wood Lake and (part of the) Rib Lake segments are in the best condition they've been in for years. The Ice Age Trail Alliance's Mobile Skills Crew delivered another winner. From August 18 - August 21, volunteers from Wisconsin and Illinois made numerous trail improvements. Other volunteers made sure everyone ate well. Great fun! Less than 10% of it is constructed tread so hike it while it's fresh!

An email from the Ice Age Trail Alliance summed it up well with the following:
"The Rib Lake and Wood Lake Segments of the Ice Age Trail received some much-needed TLC and a reroute to boot. On the main stage, volunteers constructed about 1,600 feet of new trail, including more than 100 feet of boardwalk. Volunteers stole the show by turning a muck-covered oyster into a beautiful pearl. On the second stage, immediately to the east, volunteers held the spotlight by mowing over two miles, clearing the trail of debris and updating signage. On the third stage at Wood Lake, volunteers wowed the crowd by constructing a 56-foot boardwalk extension and performing more than a mile of trail maintenance and signage upgrades. On the outer stages volunteers provide TLC for about eight more miles, including cleaning up signage, mowing, chainsaw work and other corridor clearing activities.

All together, 88 volunteers contributed more than 2,400 hours. The time and effort volunteers put into these segments of the Ice Age Trail will be greatly appreciated by its users and maintainers for years to come. Thanks to all who contributed for your great performance in creating a safer, free-flowing, beautiful trail for audiences on the Rib Lake and Wood Lake Segments. Take a bow...we applaud you!"

I applaud you too. Thank you!

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