Sunday, January 13, 2013

A Neighborhood Ice Rink

by Drew Hanson

Madisonians will know it as the Union Corners rink, perhaps someday anyway. That big snow that lasted a few weeks was followed by a warm week and now this flash freeze—perfect conditions for creating a shallow frozen pond. It made a delightful swath of ice for a five year old to learn to skate and then stamp around in winter boots. It's only a one block walk from our home.

For those who don’t know the 11-acre area, just a decade ago it was a Kohls grocery and old battery factory. A developer had plans to transform it into a new neighborhood that became a casualty of the recession. The city bought it a few years ago to guide its future. It is a future that would be especially nice for families with kids if it included a small ice rink. Wouldn’t that be a sweet neighborhood destination and gateway feature along East Washington Ave/Highway 151?

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